Throw away your lists, stay calm and still get everything done

An antidote to the ever-faster pace of modern life, Zen monk Paul Loomans presents a simple, seven-step system known as “Time Surfing”, which shows you how to reinject calm into your life. In true Zen fashion, tips include: “Do one thing at a time, and finish what you’re doing” and, more radically, tearing up your to-do lists and trusting your intuition instead: “Your intuition is your best planner. If you trust it, it will provide you with a solid foundation of calm.” Time Surfing will change the way you live and work, enhancing creativity as well as efficiency. Most importantly, however, by choosing peace as the basis for all your daily activities, an inner sense of calm and tranquillity will arise in every area of your life

A suprisingly simple method

To a more satisfying, relaxing, productive and healthy way of working while still having time for pleasant and comforting activities.

A step-by-step guide

Many examples, exercises, instructions and tips.

Based on natural human behavior

Experiences from the Zen monk, entrepreneur and father from 3 kids, Paul Loomans.


Weekly Inspiration

Accentuate the transition from one activity to another

Act like a cat who waits a little in the doorway before it goes outside. You will approach new activities with more attention and rest by consciously accentuating the transition from one activity to another.

Headtalks with Paul Loomans

In a time when we seem to drown in a wave of busyness, Zen monk Paul Loomans asks the essential: How can I ride the wave instead?

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Paul Loomans

PAUL LOOMANS is the founder of Unravelling Stress in Amsterdam, where he coaches individuals and companies on how to deal with time more effectively. Based on the Zen traditions he developed the successful method Timesurfing for time-management and stress reduction. Paul has been a Zen monk since 1984 and has a family with three children.

In the media

  • In this interview, Erlend and Paul extensively discussed what Time Surfing is all about. Why is it important to even Time Surf? Here, we realize that multi-tasking, doing one thing on top of the other

  • This book has really trasnformed the way I think. I became interested in mindfulness way back when I was having chemo and the stem cell transplant as a way of staying sane during the looooong hours at

  • In a time when we seem to drown in a wave of busyness, Zen monk Paul Loomans asks the essential: How can I ride the wave instead? A former theatre actor and director, Loomans is the founder of Unravel